De Gea, New Van Der Sar In Manchester United

David De Gea process of moving to Manchester United be accomplished. Spanish goalkeeper U-21 national team that is currently located in the City of Manchester to complete a series of medical tests with the Red Devils.

De Gea is expected to finish the move process. Including through a series of medical tests at the Hospital Bridgewater, followed by signing a contract with the Red Devils.

The price to be paid Man United to buy De Gea from Atletico Madrid allegedly reached 17.8 million pounds. Thus, manager Sir Alex Ferguson has poured funds no less than 50 million pounds to spend three new players. Previously Phil Jones and Ashley Young had already joined the price of 32.5 million pounds.

Prior to joining De Gea, Fergie actually have several options. Unfortunately, Manuel Neuer prefer to join Bayern Munich. Maarten Stekelenburg while it is closer to the Roma. Now, De Gea is believed to be the right choice as a potential successor to Man United’s Edwin van der Sar, who retired at the end of last season.


Why People Like Music

Maybe you are one of those people who like music to illustrate your mood. Why not, most people want an entertainment that really can eliminate boredom after coming home from work, describe when you are experiencing grief-stricken and longing for her lover.

Below are opinions of why people love the music:

  • The story represents the story of the song as if your life (Love or Broken Heart).
  • The song comes at the right time with one fragment of your life without any conscious or deliberate.
  • Because the people that you like to introduce the song to you.
  • Dedicate a song for you.
  • Just because according to your sense of rhythm of the song fit with the atmosphere while listening.
  • the song is part of the story Ost otau your Favorites.
  • because the music friends, music entertainment, music is peace, the music needs.
  • Encourage us to do something.
  • Eliminate stress.
  • Because music makes the mood to be as we want depending on the type.
  • Because the music describe our feelings, and also affects the type of music we want to hear.
  • Because entertaining and good at hearing.
  • Being a flashback earlier days.

Perhaps one of the opinions of the above ever you feel, and of course everyone would like the music.


Is it a stroke?

Stroke disease is a disorder of brain function caused by blood flow to the brain is impaired (reduced). As a result, nutrients and oxygen to the brain dbutuhkan not met properly. Cause there are two kinds of strokes, namely the existence of blockages in blood vessels (thrombus), and the presence of a ruptured blood vessel.

Generally a stroke suffered by the parents, because the aging process causes hardening and narrowing of blood vessels (arteriosclerosis) and the presence of fats that clog arteries (atherosclerosis). But some recent cases show an increase in cases of stroke that occurs in adolescence and childbearing age (15-40 years). In this group, the leading cause of stroke is a stress, drug abuse, alcohol, heredity, and lifestyle is not healthy.

Causes of stroke

In the case of stroke adolescence, genetic factors (hereditary) is the major cause of stroke. Frequently encountered cases of stroke caused by blood vessels are fragile and easily broken, or blood system disorders such as hemophilia and thalassemia disease is passed down from parents of patients. Meanwhile, if a family member with diabetes (diabetes), hypertension (high blood pressure), and heart disease, stroke likely to be greater in other family members.

The cause of stroke is a food with higher levels of bad cholesterol (Low Density Lipoprotein) is very high. Koleserol evil there are many on junk food or fast food. In addition, other causes of stroke is a lazy habit of exercising and moving, lots of drinking alcohol, smoking, use of narcotic and addictive substances, much less rest time, and prolonged stress. Rupture of blood vessels are also often caused by high blood pressure (hypertension).

Symptoms of a stroke

The early symptoms of stroke are generally dizzy, head spinning (such as vertigo disease), then followed with a speech impairment and mouth muscles move. Other symptoms are tergangguanya sensitive sensor (can not feel anything, such as pinched or pricked needles) and the body feels paralyzed side, and the absence of reflex movements. Often also occur suddenly blind or blurred vision (because the supply of blood and oxygen to the eye is greatly reduced), disruption of taste in the mouth of the system and the muscles of the mouth (so often encountered people with a wry face), paralysis of the muscles of the body, and disruption system memory and emotion. Common people can not stop crying because of paralysis of the brain controls his emotions on the system. It makes people act like a stroke patient psychiatric illness, but it’s not. Things like this need to be understood by the family of the patient.

The healing process

There are 2 main healing process that must be lived with. First is healing with medicines in hospitals. Strict control should be done to keep the bad cholesterol can be lowered and did not grow up. In addition, patients are also prohibited from eating foods that can trigger a stroke such as junk food and salt (can trigger hypertension).

The healing process is fisiotherapy second, that exercise the muscles to restore muscle function and communication function to approach its former condition. Fisiotherapi Fisiotherapi conducted with instructors, and patients must adhere to the exercise performed. If Fisiotherapi is not lived in earnest, then the permanent paralysis can occur in the body which had suffered paralysis.

Healing in patients with stroke varies greatly. There can be cleared completely (100%), some are only 50% only. Healing is dependent on whether or not severe stroke, the condition of the patient’s body, the compliance in patients undergoing the process of healing, perseverance and spirit of the patient to recover, as well as support and understanding from all family members of patients. Often found that stroke survivors can recover, but suffered severe depression because their families do not want to understand and feel deeply troubled by illness (such as attitudes do not accept the person’s condition, harsh treatment because the patient had to clean dirt, handing the patient to the nurse who also treats patients with coarse, and so on). This should be avoided if a family member who suffered a stroke.

Firefox 5 (New)

Advances in technology can not walk backwards, the proof of several innovations continue to be made to support information access. Amid the social world that it emphasizes the ability of a tekbologi, certainly supporting software needed to support that development.

Firefox 5

This software continues to improve its service in the world of internet access information. Shortly after the release of firefox 4, is now re-release of firefox 5. Some advantages may not be much different than before, but the addition of features into the reasons the release of firefox 5.

To get the software is very easy, you can click the this link: download

Sissoko, the favorite of the three English teams

Primary League will soon be rolling, on August. And the things that need to be prepared by the club is to fix everything from the players that have the best quality of course, with a hunting players to improve the quality clubs and leagues are won in the follow.

Three English Premier League giants are reportedly competing to gain the signature star of the French club Toulouse Moussa Sissoko.

This was revealed by the agent Sissoko, Lamine Drame. As quoted by talkSPORT, Drame revealed that the three English clubs are Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool are interested in getting his client on the transfer market this summer.

21 years old, player has become a part of Toulouse since 2003 and is under contract until 2013.

But a source in France reported that Toulouse are willing to take it off if there are clubs who submit a bid of around £ 7 million to get the former France Under-21 national team is.

Tips Of Male Fertility

The role of husbands in the fertilization process does not simply produce sperm and poured into the womb of his wife. However the quality of sperm produced, should be normal and healthy so that they can swim in the vessel the egg or the fallopian tubes to meet the egg. To be a man capable of fertilizing a woman’s eggs and produce a pregnancy, it is necessary to consider how to improve male fertility.

  • The temperature of the testes cool, needs to produce healthy sperm testicular temperature is colder than normal temperatures. This is the reason why the testicles hang outside the body are created. To maximize the quality and quantity of sperm, avoid steam bath, sauna (hot spring), or sunbathing on the tube today.
  • Avoid toxic materials. The chemicals in question, such as pesticides, herbicides, paint, wood varnish, termite poisons, glue, and heavy metals. Avoid direct contact or inhaling it because it can reduce sperm production may even be able to kill sperm.
  • No smoking, because smoking can increase the risk of infertility and erectile dysfunction in men. Sperm male smokers who spend 1 or 2 packs of cigarettes per day can cause respiratory problems in your baby. If you do not expect the emergence of problems for baby or for yourself, then immediately quit smoking.
  • Avoid alcohol and addictive drugs. Consumption of alcohol can be a devastating effect on the quality and quantity of sperm, reduced testosterone production, and can lead to erectile dysfunction. Drug use will reduce the number and ability of sperm movement and increase the number of abnormal sperm. In addition, the cause of erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.
  • Living a healthy lifestyle, adequate rest, and minimize stress. Healthy lifestyle, eat, sleep regularly, and avoiding stress will help increase the production of hormones that influence the development of sperm and testosterone production in the testes.
  • Avoid X-ray radiation X-rays could be a bad influence on fertility of a man. X-ray radiation above the threshold or the accumulation of X-ray radiation that constantly may cause reduced fertility sperm can even cause permanent sterility in a man. The impact of X-ray radiation is usually felt by those who work in environments that use X-ray machine Generally they are difficult even can not have offspring. Therefore, avoid working on the X-ray machines that have a high radiation level or a leak.
  • Consult a physician. Some prescription drugs used for treatment of a disease sometimes have side effects that can slow down sperm production. To be safe, consult with your doctor before receiving a prescription drug. Kemotera pi or radiation therapy can also cause temporary or permanent infertility. If you have to undergo this treatment procedure, you should do prior consultation with the doctor so they can obtain the best solution.

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