Asthma (Understand and Alert)

Cause : The cause of asthma is a temporary narrowing of the respiratory tract that can cause sufferers to feel shortness of breath. Vessel constriction occurs in the throat. Heredity plays an essential role in this disease, if there are parents or grandparents who suffer from this disease can be reduced to a child or grandchild.

Allergies to things like dust, changes in temperature, humidity, excessive exercise or emotional stress can cause allergies so that the membranes lining the vessels will swell and excessive mucus so that the vessels become narrow and people with difficulty breathing. Despite the shortness of breath attacks can go away, but severe attack if left untreated can cause death because the patient can not breathe.

Symptoms : Shortness of breath accompanied by wheezing sound (wheezing) Prevention and solution: Avoid things that can cause allergies in people, causing asthma attacks. For example, by cleaning the dust on the mattresses, pillows or blankets. Avoid extreme temperature and humidity, piaran animals or food that can cause allergies.

Treatment : To cope with asthma attacks is to use a salve medicine (bronchodilator) by inhaled. Another way is to do therapy that will teach you how to relax and catch your breath in case of an asthma attack. When asthma is severe, can take medication every day to salve asthma attacks can be controlled. Thus, it is advisable for sufferers to always carry a salve to any drug he can go for immediate use in case of attack.


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