Tuberculosis/ TBC (How to Know it)

Cause: The disease tuberculosis is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The disease can be transmitted through saliva splashes when patients cough.

Symptoms: Coughing up phlegm for more than three weeks. It can also be accompanied by a cough that bleed. Patients will experience a fever, especially in the afternoon or evening, sweating at night. Decreased appetite resulting in weight being thin.

Prevention and solutions: If there are friends, neighbors or family members who experience these symptoms, you should suggest to consult a doctor to see if the cough is TB disease or not. Because sometimes a cough illness are often considered trivial, but this disease can kill someone if not immediately addressed and can be transmitted to others.

Treatment: Treatment for tuberculosis when it is known early really is not that expensive and easy to cure because there is a drug that provided by the government. If required, a patient with TB may also be quarantined in a special place so as not to transmit the disease.

This disease is actually also one of the diseases that have been conquered, but later returned to attack. One of them is because people with tuberculosis are not spending their medication. Drugs must be taken regularly for 6 to 9 months to cure this disease. No drug can cause sufferers to spend can not be cured and no longer able to lead drug fight germs because germs become resistant.


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