Any Type of Natural Energy

By the ecological balance tilting in the wrong direction cosmic humanity the current version of Hobson’s choice made – to restore the damage he has inflicted upon nature, while it is still time or staying with his selfishness, business and the way to another period of mass extinction similar or perhaps greater than that of the Permo-Triassic. Although we have made greedy by nature, technological progress and civilization, the idea of ​​something in the fall, or at least a portion of repairing what we met we never looted Until recently, when we almost imminent natural disaster have.

The result of all this is the air pollution caused by burning used on millions of tons of biological and fossil fuels for centuries now painfully obvious as profound changes of the seasons and the increasing frequency of natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes and cyclones. Looks down to remove and destroy the planet in the affected eye in a sense, humanity, and it is that we actively seek alternative energy sources that are natural and offer a minimal threat to the circumstances which have been identified already undermining the environment. Come a little tour of the various types of natural energy sources and renewable energy can best be used without disturbing the ecological balance.

What are the different forms of natural energy?

Surprising as it may sound, but almost all of us have read about the potential usefulness of at least two of the four major types of natural energy. What? You mean they taught you these chapters on solar energy or wind turbines in the school? Anyway, back to the topic of our discussion, there are four main sources of natural energy used for all the energy we can get out of this world hi-tech soft on us! These include solar, wind, geothermal and water / tidal energy. Let’s take a brief look at each one.

Solar Energy

The Sun is perhaps the source of the strongest and most abundant energy for our planet. The best part is, the heat and energy available to us like that! We do not have to drill or dig, and we have no process to be used. Everything we do is mechanical tools and accessories to develop the potential need to use. Solar energy for some time in the industry and national spaces. Solar energy is used by humanity, electricity, motor vehicles, batteries and generators, for cooking, heating water to produce and implement HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). Today you can see large solar power plants produce millions of units of electricity for domestic and industrial purposes. The best part is, you can create and use solar energy without compromising air, water or soil!

Wind Energy

Or to produce electricity for domestic and industrial or commercial vessels supplying water wind is here to stay! A large number of wind farms, both onshore and offshore, in many parts of the world to generate electricity and more wind farms on their way to school. Wind farms are in the place where the wind speed and thrust all fixed and the surrounding areas have little or no artificial constructions. Off-shore wind farms are higher than those on land acquired from the former access to the sea breeze at any time and from the turbines are so far from civilization and wilderness, and not a threat to all life and not spoil the beauty a picturesque landscape preference. Wind turbines are a preferred supplier of power in commercial vessels and marine fisheries, which often must stay at sea for days out and need a continuous source of energy for the peripherals and applications.


Similar to electricity, many countries around the world that waterways are sources of water or have easy access to coastal waters make extensive use of tidal energy to produce wind energy. Such power is generated from water is often used to turn entire cities! Almost all the dams that were built in the world, an adjacent power plant that generates electricity by manipulating the water in the reservoir to turbines and propellers. Hydropower is the most important, most powerful and often feed option for sites located in mountainous terrain with speed decreased and the free-flowing rivers and streams along areas such as the flow down these rivers and streams of high dynamic packaging ideal for generating electricity .


producing the discovery and handling of fuel and geothermal energy is a relatively new phenomenon and is still in development. Geothermal energy is nothing but heat and nuclear energy in the crust due to underground volcanic activity, breaking down the minerals so they produce searing heat and locked. Even solar heat from the surface of the earth is absorbed trapped in the crust in the form of geothermal energy. Geothermal energy from hot springs before used in ancient times for heating water for bathing and therapy since the time of the ancient Roman civilization. Electricity from geothermal energy is a new development.

A promising source of natural and renewable biomass. This energy comes from living matter, which has not stopped too long (unlike fossil fuels from fossils of living creatures and plants that lived millions of years to come) to live. Other products in the process of decomposition or combustion (mainly wood and plant materials), or recently dead organisms such as gas (such as those produced in landfills as a result of bacterial action on organic tissue), alcohol and chemicals are manufactured to be used for driving cars to produce fuel for cooking and heating (biogas, for example), etc.


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