Father’s Day, (Are You think Important?)

Father’s Day is widely regarded as a time to play cards, whiskey, buy cigars for dad. But some houses are now the parents with an absent father from time to time, or at predetermined times. Many homes have a stepfather. important male role model is a role that can be shared by many men in our experiment.

Father’s Day we celebrate what methods we can be a complex concept. Many of us have an ideal, which is the perfect father. It could be strong, just and fraternal. Children watching their father on the archetypal qualities expected from your father. It defines and describes their future husband heroines.

If the father fails to deliver in the eyes of his children or those ideals are not met, the little defensive and close feelings to avoid disappointment later. Some children may rebel to ensure that they are considered, each equal attention better than nothing.

Have some of the most important qualities for a father:

  • Physical strength is a quality that many children ready to be seen with his father. The idea that my dad is stronger than yours back to the primitive, protective father, who is able to secure his family. Children feel proud when his father is strong and in good physical condition. It gives a feeling of comfort.
  • The moral force is very important. Many children returned to their father, in fact, in its values ​​to guide, where you can sense of right and wrong to do. His respect and admire their father is important due to these properties. And reinforces the importance of these values ​​them at speed.
  • He would like to be in touch with his feelings. Many men are still in a simple expression of their feelings. The era of the silent type are fortunately rare men so much love and affection are pleased to demonstrate its willingness to embrace and show their feelings. Communicate and talk about feelings, problems and difficulties are more the norm with men.
  • With respect for family values. Kids want to his father and many family fun to see. Children are very understanding of rejection and the feeling of a burden or an obligation can be very dangerous for a child. They also take the way he treats his mother and other relatives. Respect and consideration are taken from the positive experiences, as is the case.
  • Respect for people is a witness, if the children with their father in non-domestic situations. As he said to the other pilots, employees behave in restaurants and shops, as he speaks and treats people is rapidly absorbed by a witness and children. They learn this attitude in their daily lives to think. The friendliness and attentiveness are an important part of interaction with other wells and build positive relations with success.
  • Be an excellent work ethic is one of the key lessons learned from the father is responsible. In the study seriously, the daily enjoyment of life chances available to them, examining a company for part of a dedicated work ethic. do with a strong code of fair play and integrity of the evaluation of the importance of a good job and the satisfaction of winning a different role in the life of all products an excellent basis for a positive life.

If our father is still able to survive with us his legacy, because the quality of life for her children and grandchildren to the test. Father’s Day is definitely a chance to reflect and to present to the teachings and values ​​of our fathers taught us. We can always give us what we can give a different decision. They are valuable lessons too.


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