Dengue and How to Prevent

Aedes Aegypti

Outbreaks of dengue fever that attracted the attention of the world’s first appeared in Manila in 1954. Most cases of dengue fever occurred in the country located in the tropics and subtropics. This is not surprising because the mosquitoes love with a warm environment to live.

Aedes aegypti mosquito is a carrier of the disease dengue fever virus. How its spread through mosquitoes that bite a person already infected with dengue virus. This virus will be carried in the mosquito salivary glands. These mosquitoes then bite a healthy person. Simultaneously with the suctioning of blood from healthy individuals, viral hemorrhagic fever are also moving to that person and cause healthy people had been infected with dengue virus.

Dengue mosquito has a different life cycles of insects. Mosquitoes are active from early morning until around 3 pm to suck the blood which also means it can spread the dengue virus. While at night, this mosquito bed. So, be careful of mosquito bites during the day and prevent these mosquitoes bite a child who was taking a nap.

The habits of this mosquito is he happy to be in a puddle of water and in areas with many trees such as in parks or gardens. Stagnant water in flower pots may be one of the favorite places of mosquitoes that can be forgotten by you.

Dengue Prevention

It is best to prevent any family members affected by dengue. The actions that can be done to prevent it are:

  • Prevent mosquito breeding around us. You can perform movements that 3M Closes water storage, drain the tub and Burying the goods unused. Mosquito larvae will develop in a puddle of water in about a week. Therefore, it prevented the possibility of objects that is where the development of these larvae such as flower pots, tin cans, old tires or other items that hold standing water, especially during the rainy season where these places can be a puddle of rain water.
  • Prevent mosquitoes do not bite, for example by using mosquito repellent lotion or medication.
  • Mennggunakan Abate powder on sewer and water reservoirs so as not to be a breeding place for mosquitoes.
  • Keep healthy condition. Condition of the body strong, helps the body to ward off viruses that enter so even though exposed to mosquito bites, the virus will not develop.

Dengue can not be considered a mild disease. This disease can cause death. Thus, precautions and always be vigilant against the disease can protect those you love from the dangers of Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever or Dengue.


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