Why People Like Music

Maybe you are one of those people who like music to illustrate your mood. Why not, most people want an entertainment that really can eliminate boredom after coming home from work, describe when you are experiencing grief-stricken and longing for her lover.

Below are opinions of why people love the music:

  • The story represents the story of the song as if your life (Love or Broken Heart).
  • The song comes at the right time with one fragment of your life without any conscious or deliberate.
  • Because the people that you like to introduce the song to you.
  • Dedicate a song for you.
  • Just because according to your sense of rhythm of the song fit with the atmosphere while listening.
  • the song is part of the story Ost otau your Favorites.
  • because the music friends, music entertainment, music is peace, the music needs.
  • Encourage us to do something.
  • Eliminate stress.
  • Because music makes the mood to be as we want depending on the type.
  • Because the music describe our feelings, and also affects the type of music we want to hear.
  • Because entertaining and good at hearing.
  • Being a flashback earlier days.

Perhaps one of the opinions of the above ever you feel, and of course everyone would like the music.


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